UrbanAdventurer blends what’s best about the country and city, just like the 20-year-old friendship of its founders.

Jess Rothman and Jen Metayer grew up in rural Vermont, in a small town in the foothills of the Green Mountains. They met for the first time in ballet class, bonding over plies and pink tutus. In the time between learning ballet positions and graduating from high school, they traveled together to Montreal, New York, Boston, London, and more. They saw zoos, Broadway shows, museums, and historical landmarks. They mixed culture with education, childlike amusements with grown-up explorations. They filled in time between their big city adventures with jumping in leaf piles, skiing together down the backyard hill, and swimming in the nearby brook.

Jen and Jess have always celebrated every birthday together.Jen and Jess have always celebrated every birthday together.

When it came time to choose a college, Jess, who wasn’t ready to give up the laid back country lifestyle, chose the University of Rochester in upstate New York. Jen, however, was desperate for a taste of urban life and enrolled at Boston University. Though this was the first time the two ever lived apart, they reconnected over breaks and made trips to visit each other. In Boston, Jen showed Jess how to dart across six lanes of traffic and two subway lines to get from her dorm to class. In Rochester, Jess showed Jen how everything she needed in any day was a just a stroll across the quad.

Jess and Jen at their high school graduation. Jess and Jen at their high school graduation.

After graduation, Jen escaped back to Burlington in search of the peace and quiet she was missing in Boston. At the same time, Jess embraced her restlessness and moved to Chicago. Having switched roles, Jen and Jess both leaned on each other when they missed aspects of their former lifestyles, yearning for a way to incorporate the two into one. In Vermont, the two spent weekends running on wooded paths or sailing on Lake Champlain. In Chicago, they walked the Magnificent Mile, enjoying shopping, nightlife, and fine dining.

Over the years, the two expanded their adventures to Europe, Latin America, and Asia, to see different parts of the world that spoke to their city and country sides. With each trip, the two grew closer, all the while dreaming of incorporating their mutual love for travel, adventure, friendship, cities, and small towns into their professions.

Jen and Jess traveling in Austria! Jen and Jess traveling in Austria!

No matter where Jess and Jen went, they always observed the type of person they endeavored to be themselves; from deserted beaches in Mexico to busy streets in China, they spotted a kind of individual who appeared to transcend his surroundings. Instead of fitting into the background, he simply passed through it. This ubiquitous traveler embodied what the girls had always aimed for: a balance between the city and the country, an outdoor explorer with indoor ambition, a curiosity without restlessness, an all-around happy person.

At the end of a trip to Hong Kong where they were both dissatisfied with their worn out luggage, Jess and Jen decided to make it their mission to serve this person who strives each day to mix equal parts ambition and exploration. Urban Adventurer provides the average man with the right tools for his quest towards striking this balance: whether it's a modern and practical briefcase that supports your career, a hybrid bag that works for your bike commute and the office, or the perfect lifestyle bag for backpacking through South America (if you're that lucky), we're here to make sure you're ready for life’s next great adventure.

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