Fake mobile phone tracker

The way to Record Android mobile phone Equipment

To gain an improved becoming familiar with of the above talked about technological innovation, we must take note of the primary top features of the Spyreviews mobile app:

Easily accessible telephone logs

The smartphone monitor attached to an Android mobile phone product will allow you to realize every outgoing and incoming telephone of the focus on. Spying with a smartphone people cell phone, you will find the opportunity to see who the person was speaking to, see all phone call information like the callers name and contactslength, contacts, date and time with the interaction, together with prohibit excess phone calls and add friends to the blacklist. The smartphone user will never be even planning to determine that someone was getting in touch with!

Spy phone tap

Are you going through mistrust to your co-workers? Our Text message monitor for Android mobile phone gives you comprehensive use of all incoming and outgoing text messages, even to those that have been taken out of the devices memory. Put up Spyreviews on commercial touch screen phones and keep track of what your company collaborators are sending text messages about.

Observable MMS

Our Android os cellular phone monitor opens new fields of applying of spy checking apps. Spyreviews has the ability to crack MMS and make known attached videos and images. Do you desire to keep watch over someones multimedia communication? All you need to do is always to put in our Android mobile phone cellular telephone system in the gadget that you may keep an eye on. From then on, you are ready to implement its attributes!

Legitimate cell phones destination

Do you want to connect with the kids and avoid having to worry about each and every time they go out of doors? Using the telephone system for Android os, to find someones Gps device spot is as basic as cake. Set up Spyreviews within the physical objects gadget, trigger this course and you may want to require support service anytime. Because of this moment, the child is safer possession.

Highly elaborated features of our GPS phone tracker program for Android help in resolving many issues with family and colleagues that once used to cause a lot of inconvenience. Getting a lost cellphone, watching your childs process, boosting enterprise connections – all of this might be more than true, because of a compact cell request. Just put up Spyreviews software programs with a targeted cell phone, and watch the concealed Gps navigation monitor for Android mobile phone carrying it out for you!

On the spot Messengers in easy reach

Once the Text messages disclosure, a spy app owner commonly holiday resorts to going over fast text messages. For Spyreviews, it really is Cheaters spy camcom mspy info remote listening device not an issue to look at the target’s WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber or Set sending text messages and tone of voice communication. This stylish attribute of the IM and GPS system for Google android will make no secrets of your objective undisclosed.

Right after up the web browsing

Mounted just at one time, the Spyreviews app provides you the opportunity to analyze someones online lifestyle at all times. Try out the mobile phone monitor for iPhone and Android to see their web surfing past and keep it on your arms duration.

Android os Tracking in Aspects

Intending to buy spy apps for Android, throw this idea out, because their use may be assumed as illegal some people. There is nothing wrong in surveying business partners activity (under their consent, of course), or looking after your children with the help of spy software like Spyreviews. The makers of spy program for Android mobile phone state that, when this happens, its use is not viewed as legislation-breaking up. It is actually asserted that technologies may make life simpler during the using means:

find someone at the earliest opportunity;

guard young children from unfavorable influence;

keep on the same wavelength in your personnel.

Take note: We encourage that you employ our undetectable spy for Android os for legal reasons only. Otherwise, you have complete duty with the criminal program use.

Do you need to learn how to acquire keylogger for an Android phone and stimulate this software? Actually, you can do it in some simple actions! To begin with, pick on the list of provided monthly subscription bundles making repayment through any best suited monthly payment path. Secondary, setup the Android keylogger to your mobile phone you may monitor and trigger this software simply by entering the Licence Code. Following that, log into the Control Panel and initiate to spy on someones Android operating system utilizing the useful keylogger apk purpose. Only 3 techniques – the best of this of your own considerations are remedied. Test the keylogger for Android operating system gadgets and reap the results from your very own whole attention!

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Hasten the M&A transactions with Virtual Data Rooms

M&A means Mergers&Acquisitions. The biggest trade of M&A is concentrated in the United States of America. The half of all the deals in the whole world take place there. Why is it so popular? This practice has appeared in the second half of the XXth century and is still up-to-date. There are 3 kinds of M&A. They are following:


Kind №1: Horizontal amalgamation


The horizontal amalgamation takes place when the two companies that are occupied with the same spheres of activities decide to consolidate. This can lead to the cutting down of the expenses. For example, two pharmaceutical corporations consolidate. They consolidate not only the capitals but also all the equipment, employees, and medicine developments. So they do not need to hire new workers, buy new medical facilities or anything else. In such a way, the companies cut down the expenses, but increase the profits.


Kind №2: Vertical amalgamation


Vertical amalgamation occurs when the organization specialized in the same spheres, but different processes amalgamate. For instance, one company is occupied with the supplying of raw materials for medicines, and the other company produces ready medicines. In such a way the factory does not need to buy raw materials for overcharge and also can save money.


Kind №3: Conglomerate formation


This is about the consolidation of organizations with the absolutely differing field of activities. For example, the net of supermarket buys a bank. So, the employees of the supermarkets can be serviced in this bank and to get salaries there. In such a way, the supermarket net does not spend money for bank service and is sure that even if the supermarket business stops to be profitable, the bank will still work.


Understanding the importance of M&A for raising the company to a new level, it is essential to understand that the deals should be accomplished fastly and efficiently. A perfect assistant for this purpose is Virtual Data Room. Just look at the advantages.


At any time in any place


Is the American entertainment corporation going to consolidate with the cinema circuit in Tokyo? It is extremely easy now. The data rooms work at any time of the day, and being electronic can be accessible in every corner of the Earth. Furthermore, think about the money that you spent on the business trips that had disappointed you and just failed in the result. Now, you even do not have to leave your working place in your cozy study, because you can get all the data on your computer or mobile device.


Q&A module


You do not have to look for the phone number or e-mail address anymore because you can discuss any questions within the data room. Moreover, VDRs guarantee secure file sharing. Can you do it with Physical Data Room, and how much time will it take?


Language variety


The most well-known providers usually offer more than one user languages. It is very convenient because your client from China will feel comfortable, orienting himself in the room without obstacles.


Easy as peace of pie


Electronic data rooms are worked out so, that every person can grasp the principles of their using. You can choose from a lot of providers offering various designs. Furthermore, people nowadays have almost got out of the habit of using paper books, newspapers or documents. That is why it will much easier to find any electronic deed than looking for them in the card index for hours. One more thing is that VDRs allow you searching by names and context but sometimes you can also put your own filters and criteria for searching the materials.


Access by default


The employees or depositor do not need to get a permit to visit the data room because if you give them an access there, so they have a permission to work with the deeds by default. The interesting thing is that you can determine the folders or some parts of the data that can be looked through by concrete persons or restrict their access to the most private information.


Making plans for further work


Electronic data rooms give you the opportunity to find which deeds, how many times, how much time and by whom were overviewed. In such a way you can find out the most interested depositors and to work out the plan for cooperation with the most active potential investors.


All in all, we can draw a conclusion that the online data rooms are able to simplify and hasten the M&A process.


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Accessorize This: A Guide to Summer Accesories

It’s summertime, and here at Urban Adventurer we’re lightening our load and showing off our favorite summer accessories. As your summer accessory guru, I’m gonna walk you through some of our favorite items to make sure you stay funky, fly, and ready to rock all summer long.

herschel, eighteen, waist pack, fanny pack

Herschel Eighteen Waist Pack | $44.95

Okay, go ahead and make fun of my obsession with this fanny pack, luckily in my early 20′s I’ve given up trying to be “cool,” and am finally embracing my inner nerd, which I suggest you all do.

The Herschel Eighteen Waist Pack is the Rolls Royce of fanny packs, and I’m not afraid to say it. Cotton canvas material, three main pockets, leather reinforced buckles and zippers, and it comes in the hippest colors around, it’s no wonder this pack is a concert goers best friend. It’s got room for your essentials AKA wallet, keys, & cell phone (the royal trinity, as I call it), freeing up your hands to fist-pump, high-five, wave at a friend, hug, dance, you name it! Next concert you go to, look for that guy or girl rocking out with their trusty Eighteen Waist Pack, but just try not to throw off their groove.

burton, kit,

Burton The Kit | $24.95

Burton’s The Kit is that trusty little friends that’s always got what you need. With a crush-proof PVC casing, this small case packs a punch and is perfect for carrying those things we always need but always seem to forget. The Kit’s small design lets it fit easily anywhere in your bag or pocket, and, depending on what you fill it with, may come in handy during times of desperation.

iPhone, charger, portable, battery

Y+X Portable Battery Charger for Smartphone | $31.50

Nothing kills a summer beach day like a dead iPod, so you better bring along a backup Y+X Portable Battery Charger to make sure the music never stops! This USB-friendly battery pack holds two full iPhone charges within it, so it’s ready when you need it! So whether you’re truckin’ down to El Paso or putting out a fire on the mountain, a little backup sure never hurt!

Did I miss any must-have summer accessories?! Let me know! Be sure get outside and enjoy your summer days with friends, family, music, and of course, your favorite bag and accessory from Urban Adventurer!!

***This weekend only take 15% off all accessories with promocode: AccessorizeThis


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A Weekend Away with a Stowaway

It’s travel season folks, and this year I’m making sure my weekends are gonna be jam packed with adventure. Like all travel enthusiasts, I need a bag that can keep it together. It’s got to be big enough to hold the essentials- a change of clothes, Frisbee, snorkel, extra blanket, and, of course, a good book. But it also still has to be compact enough to fit wherever I go.

navali, Stowaway, weekender, bag

Navali Stowaway Weekender | $124.95

Most duffel bags make me feel like I’m about to hit the gym, which I probably should be doing, but I’m heading out of town. I need a versatile weekend getaway bag that can be suited for all occasions, luckily I stumbled upon the Navali Stowaway Weekender Bag.

It’s about time I found this bag. The two side flapped pockets holds all my electronics and the huge 22oz main compartment leaves a nice open space to cram in all my clothes, accessories and gadgets. The Stowaway packs in everything I need it to and once I zipped it up, it snugly fit in both my trunk and the overhead storage bin on the plane.

Now that's one stuffed Stowaway!

This bag kicks ass, and I don’t say that often or lightly. The leather trim and tough cotton-canvas material have made the Stowaway one of the most durable bags I’ve used in my travels. In addition to its durability, everyone has been throwing me compliments everywhere I take it. “I’ve been looking for a bag like that” is quite often the most common phrase I hear whenever I bust out my weekender.

navali, stowaway

I told you it was a tough bag, even Lily couldn't ruin the leather straps!

Be sure to look good on your next weekend vacation and pick up a Navali Stowaway Weekender bag! Now ON SALE at 15% off for $106.24, this weekend only! Going anywhere fun this summer? Tell us about it, we’re dying to know the places our bags go once they leave us!

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Mom’s Favorite Tote Bag

I know, we’re a little behind this year for Mother’s Day, but that’s not stopping us from offering our favorite “motherly” tote bag from Knomo on sale! It’s the Berkely Rubi 15″ in Ivory, and it’s the perfect tote for spring brunch and summer picnics- all of Mom’s favorite activities!

knomo rubi ivory

Knomo Berkeley Rubi 15" Tote | Now only $299

Normally it’s $325, but because we love our customers (and our moms), we’re offering it for only $299!! The Rubi 15″ Tote has everything from a quilted 13″ laptop pouch to a removable strap. Did I mention it has enough organizational pockets to satisfy even the most organized of mothers?

"knomo" "rubi"

Quilted Laptop Sleeve holds 13" laptops, crossword puzzles, magazines, or whatever else Mom needs!

The soft interior and smooth exterior are guaranteed to make her friends jealous, so be sure to get a Rubi 15″ Tote for Mom today! Choose overnight delivery before 3pm on 5/10 and receive guaranteed Saturday delivery! Happy Mother’s Day!


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5 Favorite Party Accessories for Cinco De Mayo

Some people say Memorial Day is the start to summer, but here at Urban Advenutrer we’re feeling the heat early in Vermont, so we decided kick summer into gear with Cinco Di Mayo! Barbeques, beaches, and parties are on our radar for this weekend, and we thought we’d celebrate by showing off 5 of our favorite party items to start your summer, all on sale this weekend!!

burton beer beeracuda

Burton Beeracuda | $16.97

Burton Beeracuda

Locked and loaded, but mostly loaded, the Burton Beeracuda over the shoulder beverage holder was recently declassified by the government, the blueprint given to civilians. Full of technologically complex features like the ability to hold five cans at once and the application of gravity to hold it securely to your shoulder. Koozie up front keeps one additional piece of ammo within immediate range of your muzzle.

burton cooler

Burton Lil Buddy with Speakers | $79.95

Burton Lil’ Buddy

You’ll always have a friend with the Burton Lil Buddy. Just load ‘er up, crank up the stereo with included removable speakers, and hit the street with a grip of your favorite ice cold beverages. The standard size 3.5mm headphone jack means it plays everything from your uncle’s old 8-track to your fancy new iPod. Whether lurking at the beach, behind the corner store, or the resort parking lot, your Lil Buddy will always be full of good times and bright ideas. With room for a 12-pack plus ice, and accessory pockets for all necessities, disturbing the peace has never been cooler.

timbuk2 bottle opener beer

Timbuk2 Beer candy Bottle Opener | $5.62

Timbuk2 Beer Candy Bottle Opener

Gone are the days of inaccessible brews. The Beer Candy bottle opener is made of tougher than tough anodized aluminum and secures right to any bag strap to keep you prepared. Timbuk2 is not responsible for lapses in judgment, break-ups, make-ups, and dance-offs that may occur as a result of Beer Candy usage.

timbuk2 beerdaleer

Timbuk2 Beerdaleer | $7.50

Timbuk2 Beerdaleer Strapable Koozie

Beer hats are out, the Beerdaleer is in. We know you want to have your beer, and drink it too, but in some social settings that’s just impossible. Not anymore! Now you never have to set your beer down and fret about someone stealing a swig and backwashing into your suds, the Beerdaleer will keep safe, secure, and on your person at all times.

Iphone charger portable external

Y+X Portable Battery Charger for Smartphone | $31.50

Y+X Portable Battery Charger for Smartphone

Nothing kills a party faster than than a dead iPod, so you better bring along a backup Portable Charger to make sure the music never stops! Just plug it in and you’re fully charged in an hour! Crank up the tunes and before you know it, it’s like you’re playing in the band, everyone’s dancing in the streets and the party’s not fading away. So whether you’re truckin’ down to El Paso or putting out a fire on the mountain, a little backup battery can always steer you in the right direction!

Have a fun, safe, and adventurous Cinco De Mayo from your friends at Urbanadventurer!


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Battle of the Backpacks: Round 2

We know you couldn’t get enough of our last Battle of the Backpacks Review, so we’re back again to bring you round 2! Why review one bag when we have so many styles, options, colors, and brands available here at Urban Adventurer?!  I love all types of messenger bags, briefcases, and travel bags, but there’s nothing like a good ole backpack to keep your essentials secure and your hands free. I know we’re all busy, so let’s get to it and see what some of our favorite brands have in store!

kelty backpack burton jansport

Kelty Vintage Captain Backpack | $80.00

First up is the Kelty Vintage Backpack. Sporting a vintage design with modern features, this bag was my favorite from the start. Although not quite as large as the other two backpacks, this pack stood out to me for its simplicity in design and durable, yet lightweight material.

  • Pack includes one large main pocket and one smaller front-side pocket
  • Large interior organizing pockets and padded laptop sleeve in main compartment make it easy to separate smaller and larger items
  • Heavily-padded shoulder straps make it ideal for any hike or outdoor activity
  • Waist buckles make it more secure for climbing and hiking.

The only problem I had with the backpack is the size, but that all depends on what your using it for! Going on a day hike? The Kelty Captain is what you’re looking for, but if that turns into a week-long camping trip you might want something a little bigger to carry your gear. Lets go see what our other two contenders have in store! Next up is the Burton Tinder Pack.

Burton backpack tinder 2013 spring

Burton Tinder Backpack | $59.95

The Burton Tinder Pack is a lot like the Captain, particularly in its hybrid mix of old school style and modern features. Much bigger than the Kelty, the Tinder Pack is definietly made to be outside. With enough room to fit all your gear, this bag’s a perfect casual, comfortable bag.

  • Large main compartment and front flap over style give original design and old school feel
  • Rucksack style drawstring on top ensure your gear stays inside
  • No organizational pockets make it hard to separate large and small items
  • Secret padded laptop sleeve to the side of the bag is awesome

I loved the Tinder pack for its style and feel, but in terms of practicality it’s hard to organize your items. If you’re a grab what you got and hit the road kind of person, this bag is the one for you. If you like to place everything in a neat, structured manner, than the Jansport Boost backpack might be right up your alley.

jansport backpack boost

Jansport Boost Backpack | $74.99

Steering away from the vintage revolution of the 2010′s, the Jansport Boost Backpack gives what you need and doesn’t beat around the bush. Loaded with modern features and pockets upon pockets, the Jansport Boost rocks, and here’s why:

  • Not 1, not 2, but 3 huge main pockets, not to mention the padded laptop sleeve that’s big enough to hold a 17″ Macbook.
  • Front pocket loaded with organizational compartments for pens, cell phones and other tech accessories.
  • Extra bottom pocket perfect for last minute items and small sunglasses pocket on top is just super clutch.
  • Mesh side pockets easy for storing water bottles and other small items.

While this bag not may not be as trendy or stylish as the previous two, the Jansport Boost is all about functionality and space, I mean its freakin’ huge! It held everything I had with room to spare, making it perfect for almost any activity imaginable!

Burton, Kelty, Jansport,

Kelty Captain, Jansport Boost or Burton Timber? You decide!

Stay tuned for all new bag reviews, lifestyle stories, action/adventure, fashion/fun and more from your friends at Urban Adventurer! Leave a comment and tell us about your favorite backpack!!

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I’d Rather Be…

Spring’s coming slowly here in Vermont, to say the least. As I sit back and watch the ground thaw at a painful pace, I can’t help but imagine the fun activities to be had- fishing, kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, or anything outdoors. Spring’s nice in Vermont, but I’m thinking of a place where the summer sun doesn’t go down. I think this week I’d rather be in Chugach National Park, Alaska.

adventure alaska chugac kayak

Prince William Sound, Chugach National Park, AK. Photo Courtesy of en.wikipedia.org

As an action sports junkie myself, I couldn’t think of anywhere other than the final frontier to take my fictional wild vacation. After being cooped up all winter, it’s finally time to get those legs moving up a mountain, through a forest, or straight to the beach. Chugach National Park has every environment you can imagine from tropical rainforests to mammoth glaciers to dazzling rivers and streams. Located on the southern coast of Alaska, it is loaded with all types of wildlife and areas to explore.

Good morning Alaska! Photo Courtesy of Alaskatravel.com

Kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, spelunking, fishing – I know its not your typical idea of relaxation, but I’m kinda of a weird guy. My vacations are seldom relaxing in the conventional sense, there’s just too much to explore in a new place! If you’re like me and seek out the adventure, then Alaska is the place to be. I’m around people all the time, so sometimes its nice sharing an outdoor hotel with birds, fishes, foxes, moose, and bears (but hopefully not too many bears!)


adventure alaska backpack otter

Oh hey there, Mr. Otter! Photo Courtesy of uaa.alaska.edu

Where’s your “rather be” vacation destination? Not as crazy as me, that’s probably a good thing! Adventure’s what you make of it, so long as your exploring new sites, scenes, people, and moments! Also, make sure you have a sturdy, functional bag to accompany you on your next adventure, so check out what we have here at Urbanadventurer.com!

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JanSport’s Spring ’13 Collection has Arrived!

The time has come for Jansport's latest spring collection!

Well it’s finally happening. Snow’s melting, birds are chirping and here at Urban Adventurer we’re gearing up for our favorite time of year: Spring. Once the sun shines through the winter clouds and temperatures get above 45 degrees, you can bet it’s time to get outside for some mountain biking, vegetable gardening, fresh river fishing, hiking, camping, ultimate frisbee-ing, or BBQ-ing! We’re psyched for Spring if you couldn’t already tell, and you’ll be too once you check out the new Spring styles that just came in from JanSport!

jansport big student backpack spring 13

Jansport Big Student Classic Daypack - $44.95

JanSport Big Student Backpack - $44.95

There’s no doubt that with the JanSport Big Student Classic Daypack, you’ll be too cool for school. This large capacity pack with two main compartments will easily hold all your spring essentials (shades, sandals, books, swim trunks, you name it!)  It also has a front pocket with an organizer to store gadgets, gizmos, music players, yo-yos, and any other small trinkets you take on your journey. Other features include an upper zippered accessory pocket, a lower front zippered stash pocket, and a web ergo handle with reinforced hold on the top of the pack. This bag is a classic for a reason.


  • Capacity: 2100 cubic inches/31 liters
  • Weight: 1 pound, 8 ounces
  • Dimensions: 17.25 x 13 x 10.125 inches
  • Fabric: 600D Poly or 11W Corduroy

Jansport Elefunk Messenger Bag - $54.99

JanSport Elefunk Messenger Bag - $54.95

There’s no better time than Spring to get a lil’ funky. Whether you’re biking to work or zip-lining through the trees, the JanSport Elefunk Messenger Bag is as durable as they come, not to mention it’s packed with features and side pockets to keep you organized on-the-fly.  Your laptop, file folders, power cords, battery pack, cell phone, MP3 player, pens, keys, glasses, water bottle, and everything else you need will be right where you need it! Nail your next presentation then hit your next jump with the stylish JanSport Elefunk Messenger Bag!


  • Capacity: 1750.2 cubic inches/28.68 litres
  • Weight: 1 pound, 8 ounces
  • Dimensions: 13 x 16 x 5.5 inches
  • Fabric: 600 Denier Polyester, 420 Denier Velocity Nylon
jansport backpack beige new spring 13 bag vintage

Jansport Flare Daypack - $59.95

JanSport Flare Daypack – $59.95

A collaboration of vintage design and modern bag technology, The Flare Daypack features an easy access front zippered table sleeve, a front utility pocket with an organizer and a versatile easy access padded sleeve that is designed to fit a 3L hydration system or 15″ laptop. This bag also has ergonomic S-curve shoulder straps, two large main compartments, a custom carabineer key clip, a side water bottle pocket, dual webbing gear loops, and a web haul handle, the perfect companion for your next outing in the woods!


  • Capacity: 1465cubic inches/26 liters
  • Weight: 1 pound, 11 ounces
  • Dimensions: 19 x 12 x 5 inches
  • Fabric: 305 Polyester Dobby
jansport boost backpack

Jansport Boost Backpack - $74.99

JanSport Boost Backpack - $74.99

Perfect for toting larger (17”) laptops with its two large main compartments, the JanSport Boost easily stores large items such as books, binders, six-packs, calculators, whatever you’ve got! It has a fully padded laptop sleeve and a front organizer compartment with utility pockets as well as a cord management pocket. Ergonomically designed, the JanSport Boost backpack has AirCore shoulder straps and a padded back panel to help prevent aches, pains, and strains. Perfect for school, work, or play!


  • Capacity: 2300 cubic inches/38 liters
  • Weight: 1 pound, 14 ounces
  • Dimensions: 21.3 x 15 x 11 inches
  • Fabric: 600 Denier Polyster, 300 Denier Polyster Hex Weave, Polyester Ballistic

Hope you like spring 'cause summer is coming in hot!

Let us know which JanSport bag is right for you and we’re sure to give you the best deal possible! Check us out on Facebook and urbanadventurer.com to stay up to date on all of our new products this season! Happy adventuring folks!

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Product Review: Y+X B30 Portable Battery Chargers

Since we first introduced the Y+X B30 Portable Battery Chargers here at Urban Adventurer, we’ve received a ton of questions from our loyal fans asking more about these batteries. In our last blog, we took the B30 Battery Charger on a test run at Sugarbush Mountain for a day of snowboarding to show what it can do, but today we’re going to get a little more technical. How many charges does it hold? How long can it last? How exactly does it work? Where can I use it? All these questions will be answered today as we explore the ins and outs of the Y+X B30 Portable Battery Charger to see what sets it apart from other smartphone batteries.

phone charger battery iPhone

Y+X B30 Portable battery Charger for Smartphone (Yellow/Orange)

The first thing I noticed was the slim, fashionable design of these batteries. I noticed there weren’t many variations in styles or colors out there apart from the boxy black batteries that only hold one charge. Once I stumbled upon the yellow/orange and green colors, I was already hooked on the B30 Battery Charger, not to mention the slim design lets it fit easily in my bag or pocket. What was even cooler was the LED Flashlight on the black and white B30L series, which would certainly come in handy for late night backpacking through the woods, or finding the fuse box during a power outage!

We test our B30 battery chargers by taking them snowboarding

After a major snowstorm hit us here in the northeast, I took the B30 battery Charger with me to Sugarbush Mountain for a fun day of shredding the gnar. Check out the Surviving Nemo in Style blog post to see how well the B30 Battery Charger held up in the snow storm! Needless to say, it was definitely tougher than me, I know I came home with more bumps and bruises than my phone charger did!

phone charger iphone apple smartpohne battery external

Dual USB- ports allow for charging up to two devices at the same time

The Y+X Battery Charger‘s dual USB- ports allow you to charge two devices simultaneously, much unlike most other portable batteries that only let you charge one phone at a time. Just plug your smartphone, tablet, or any USB- friendly device into the charger, press the button on top, and that’s it! The 4 lights indicate how much power is left in the battery, and they hold about two full smartphone charges within them. The Y+X Battery Charger really came through for me last week when my phone died right when I left my house. I plugged my phone in and in about an hour and half it was fully charged up! The Y+X Battery Charger also holds its charge for 9 months just in case you need to stow that power away for a long hike or backpack trip across Europe!

smartphone iphone battery charger portable

The B30 Portable battery Chargers can go anywhere! They are travel safe and can be used on any plane, bus, boat, rickshaw, zip-line, pack mule, gondola, or any other mode of transportation you need to get to your next adventure. Now only $39.95 at Urbanadventuer.com! SPECIAL PROMOTION: This weekend only get ALL Y+X Portable Battery Chargers at 15% off from April 4-8, 2013!! Get yours today!!

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