Father’s Day

When I think about my father, I think of the sacrifices he has made for me. He gave up his many of his previous freedoms and routines to start one of the biggest adventures anyone can go through – becoming a parent. Father’s day is not only a day to honor your father, but all men who have acted as father figures to you. Whether as Stepfathers, Uncles, Grandfathers, or “Big Brothers,” it is obvious the major impact these Father figures have had on us. Taking one day a year to appreciate Dad is the absolute least we can do.

Jordan and his Dad

I’ve done a lot of things for my dad in the past. Cards, neckties, a pants-press, shells collected from a beach in Florida, barbeque gear, and books. Oh the books. He’s got a library bigger than most bookstores. He’s always got one ready for us to buy him and he’s always in the middle of reading 3-5 books at once. Getting books for him has always been easy, but it doesn’t stand out. It’s something he always wants, but I never feel like I’m fulfilling a need he has, or helping him in his daily life.

Then there’s always the classic gift – a necktie. I’ve never been too much of a fan of this gift. Yes it’s useful (read: boring), if your dad is anything like my dad, then he has enough ties to wear a new one for every day of the month.  And that’s not counting the Christmas tie! Your gift will get lost in a sea of silk, satin, polyester and cotton. Although I loved the tie-dye tie I made for him when I was in preschool, I wear that tie a lot more than he does. It’s the practical gift like a step up from new socks, something he could use and needs but never truly wants.

Jess and her Dad

Jess and her Dad

So what’s something he needs AND wants? It needs to be something to fit into his lifestyle and something that has cool appeal (street cred) to be what he really wants. Even dads still want to be cool, right? I am reminded of this every time my dad ends a text conversation with, “l8r.”


My dad just got a new iPad, so this father’s day I plan on getting him a case for this new addiction of his. I picked out our new Knomo iPad folio, which I know he will absolutely love. A case to protect his new toy will make him even happier. A gift like this is extremely practical and will protect what he cares about most. Well, next to me that is…

What if your dad isn’t tech-saavy, or it doesn’t sound like what he’d like? If you’re dad works hard every day from the office, get him a new briefcase. What if your dad likes traveling? Try a boarding pass pouch or a passport case. Something like this will make his travels even easier. If he’s active and enjoys a journey, it won’t matter what you get him, he’ll feel proud that he fits in with all the other Urban Adventurers.

Jen and her Dad

Most importantly, try to make your Father’s life easier this June 19th. Make him breakfast in bed, do his household chores or take over some of his responsibilities. Take him out to dinner and really let him know how much he means to you. We owe it to our dad’s to make this Father’s day a memorable one. So tell me, what are you planning for your Dad? We’d love to hear from you!

And Dad, when you read this (and I know you will), I love you so much and thanks for everything. L8R!

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