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Adventure in an Hour: Spelunking (or something like it)

One of the things I love most about Vermont is the endless amount of places there are to explore. Some might think the opposite when visiting our small state. Sure, we only have two lane highways and no billboards, and … Continue reading

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Planning for Prague

Even though managing our sales department here at Urban Adventurer is filled with its own type of thrills, like grilling meat and watching my TweetDeck blow up like its Scott Disick’s Blackberry, sometimes a girl just needs a bit of … Continue reading

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A Day on the Water

Here at Urban Adventurer, on days that we aren’t thinking about new bags to showcase, or blogs to write about, we are out making adventures of our own. This weekend was no different, as some of the best of the … Continue reading

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Urban Adventurer Summer BBQ

Here at Urban Adventurer, nothing says summer to us more than a good old fashioned BBQ.  Summer in Vermont is a fleeting time, full of greenery and sunshine, and most importantly, without snow.  To make good use of one of … Continue reading

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How to make a fire

“Seriously? You don’t know how to make a fire?” I wondered. I was shocked. My friends didn’t know how to start a fire. We were all camping outside at my friends house in the woods as it started to get … Continue reading

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STM Revolution Backpack: What does it fit?

What do four laptops, 33 books, five pillows, and 17 cans of chickpeas have in common? They all fit into the STM Revolution Backpack. Not all at once of course, but this bag is like no other. Never will I … Continue reading

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Adventure in an Hour: Hike in the Woods

I’ve been looking for ways to be more active every day. Some way to get out into nature on a daily basis, not just on weekends or when I’m off work. So today I decided I wanted to take a … Continue reading

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Adventures of an Urban Persuasion

Here at Urban Adventurer, we spend a lot of time discussing adventures- biking, hiking, traveling- anything that takes us outdoors. There are times when I am as adventurous as the next- I love to travel, I love the feeling of … Continue reading

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Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, America! While most of you will be grilling hot dogs, hanging out with neighbors and family, and watching (and possibly lighting your own) fireworks, I’ve got my eye on the sports world. Now I know what you’re … Continue reading

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