Welcome Ashore, Navali!

While I was away in Prague (more on that later), we took on an awesome new brand here at Urban Adventurer.  Navali bags and accessories incorporate a vintage look with quality construction and modern day usability.  They’ve got you covered no matter where you’re going or what you need to carry: whether it’s a small messenger bag for carrying your iPad, like the Shipwright Satchel, or a large duffel bag to carry a couple changes of clothes, like the Stowaway Weekender, or something in between that’s perfect for everyday, like the Boatswain Messenger.  Based on all the great feedback we’re getting so far, I have a feeling these are all going to be great hits.

Since I’m personally so excited about the rich details incorporated in this line, and I have a penchant for all things nautical, I thought I would provide you folks with some of the awesome features that you can find throughout this line and exactly which bags they’re used on.

1) Leather Shoulder Pad:  All Navali bags have a great leather shoulder pad attached to the strap that’s streamlined and comfortable, without adding any bulk.  You can find this strap on every bag in the Navali line.

Leather Shoulder Pad

2) Super Soft Canvas: The product developers at Navali made an excellent choice on the washed canvas incorporated on these bags.  Sometimes thick cotton canvas can be very rough to touch (ie: the classic boat tote) – not these bags! The fabric is really thick but still has some flexibility and an ever-so-soft hand feel.  This fabric is used on all bags in the line.

Soft Canvas

3) Reinforced Leather Bottoms: For anyone who’s tried to carry their laptop in a canvas bag, the leather bottom is absolutely critical for providing the bag with some form.  You can find this feature on the Boatswain, Mainstay, Rigger, Helmsman and Shipwright.

Reinforced Leather Bottom

4) Vintage Brass Findings & Zippers: Personally, my biggest pet peeve about any kind of bag is cheap findings and zippers that are threatening to break upon first use.  I did my own rigorous zipper QC test on the Stowaway, specifically, and it’s smooth like butter!  An added bonus is that they provide a great understated antique flare to the collection’s overall look.  These findings are used throughout the line.

Interior Zipper on Boatswain

5) Snapping Strap:  All of Navali’s messenger bags (except the Shipwright satchel) are equipped with a snapping strap that either keeps your computer or the bag’s contents in place.  This is wonderful on a canvas line since the fabric isn’t as naturally rigid as nylon or leather.  Plus, it helps keep your bag organized.  These straps are incorporated on all Navali bags, excluding the Shipwright and Stowaway.

Snapping Leather Strap

So, everybody, join us in welcoming Navali by letting us know what you think! Which bag is your favorite?


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  • http://www.urbanadventurer.com/blog Jessica

    I like the Mainstay the best!