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Thankful on Thanksgiving

I can’t believe its already Thanksgiving! It seems this year has just flown by faster than ever before. It seems like just yesterday I was welcoming in the new year and now this one is almost gone. After Thanksgiving starts … Continue reading

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Somewhere I’d rather be..

It’s getting cold outside. After having our first snow in VT, summer is feeling like a faint dream away. It’s dark. There’s a nip (translation: a violent bite) in the air. It’s really quiet. It’s as if everything slows down … Continue reading

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5 Things To Do When Your Bosses Are Gone

When the bosses are out traveling the world, vacationing in Cancun, or going for a run, what do you do in the office? Keep working? Goof off? “When the cats away, the mice will play,” as the idiom goes.  In … Continue reading

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My Favorite Tunes to Take to the Treadmill

All around the northern part of the US, it’s that lovely time of year where runners like myself turn inward. And no, I don’t mean that we reflect on our past racing and training season, as any rational person would … Continue reading

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A Bag in Review: MacCase Sling Blade Runner

When I first saw the MacCase Sling Blade Runner, I thought, “Blade Runner – awesome! I love that movie!” To my surprise, this MacCase bag has nothing to do with Harrison Ford or with Blade Runner, the incredible 80′s movie … Continue reading

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Austrian Adventure in an Hour

So as many of our loyal blog readers probably know, my adventure (addiction?) of choice is running. It’s not only how I like to keep fit, but it’s how I blow off steam, and when traveling, it’s how I explore … Continue reading

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Urban Adventurer’s Best Sellers

Today we’re going to be looking at some of our best sellers. Why these bags? What made these few bags more popular than the others? Hopefully I can figure that out today! Our number one top seller is the Knomo … Continue reading

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