Somewhere I’d rather be..

It’s getting cold outside. After having our first snow in VT, summer is feeling like a faint dream away. It’s dark. There’s a nip (translation: a violent bite) in the air. It’s really quiet. It’s as if everything slows down just like the waters in the brooks until everything is just frozen. Sure, winter can bring tons of fun activities: skiing, snowboarding, sledding, snow-man making, and not least of all Christmas! But for now, it’s just dark.

So where would I rather be? Someplace tropical. While I can enjoy winter as much as the next Vermonter, nothing makes me smile more than some UV rays, a good book, and smack-you-in-the-face heat.

Beach in Mexico.. I can hear the waves now.. sigh.

While there are many beautiful beaches in the world, something about the caribbean breeds immediate relaxation to me. Maybe it’s all the Margaritas and Pina Coladas, or maybe it’s that I try and do a Mexico trip every few years with my girlfriends just to get away. But whatever it is, on my drive home from work today in the pitch black, all bundled up and still cold, I will be daydreaming of laying right here:

Other beach lovers relaxing in Mexico.

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