How Much Does it Fit: Navali Stowaway

To grandmother’s house goes the Navali Stowaway!  Literally.  For a weekend bag, it’s got more than ample capacity for everything you need on the most rigorous of 36 hour adventures, like those that include copious amounts of cookies, huge meals at Fosters and an endless stream of wine.  It’s a no-brainer that my boyfriend Nick and I will be taking the Stowaway to his grandparent’s house in New York’s Hudson Valley when we celebrate Christmas in a couple of weeks.  It fits two changes of clothes (including fat pants), toiletries and an alternative pair of shoes (so we can run off some of those extra calories), with room to spare for the gifts we’ll be lugging back this holiday.

The Stowaway. It's huge!

Oh, Nick.  He gets as crazy about Christmas as I do.  From the bouncy and ubiquitous tunes performed by the likes of Mariah Carey and Dolly Parton, down to hot beverages and baked goods infused with eggnog and apple cider, we are both always full of spirit well in advance of the big day.

Nick & I on a winter adventure one Christmas.

But the lights.  This is where we diverge. Nick is certainly of the Clark Griswold persuasion and I am definitely more like his blonde, dubiously supportive wife, Ellen, (minus the wife part).  He’s already explained to me that I can expect a full light display with animated creatures the second we move to a space with our own front yard. Yay?

But for now, keeping them on the tree, (or inside our favorite getaway bag) will have to do.  I mean after all, if we had to run away quickly with our most prized possessions, I’m not sure Nick could do any better than to grab this bag of lights and go!

The Stowaway full of Christmas Spirit!

Tell us, where are you getting away to this holiday season?  What bag are you bringing along for the ride?

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  • Nicole Durante

    Jen….u r adorable!!, I am so proud of u!! I had no idea u started ur own business….congrats!,!