Product Review: Y+X B30 Portable Battery Chargers

Since we first introduced the Y+X B30 Portable Battery Chargers here at Urban Adventurer, we’ve received a ton of questions from our loyal fans asking more about these batteries. In our last blog, we took the B30 Battery Charger on a test run at Sugarbush Mountain for a day of snowboarding to show what it can do, but today we’re going to get a little more technical. How many charges does it hold? How long can it last? How exactly does it work? Where can I use it? All these questions will be answered today as we explore the ins and outs of the Y+X B30 Portable Battery Charger to see what sets it apart from other smartphone batteries.

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Y+X B30 Portable battery Charger for Smartphone (Yellow/Orange)

The first thing I noticed was the slim, fashionable design of these batteries. I noticed there weren’t many variations in styles or colors out there apart from the boxy black batteries that only hold one charge. Once I stumbled upon the yellow/orange and green colors, I was already hooked on the B30 Battery Charger, not to mention the slim design lets it fit easily in my bag or pocket. What was even cooler was the LED Flashlight on the black and white B30L series, which would certainly come in handy for late night backpacking through the woods, or finding the fuse box during a power outage!

We test our B30 battery chargers by taking them snowboarding

After a major snowstorm hit us here in the northeast, I took the B30 battery Charger with me to Sugarbush Mountain for a fun day of shredding the gnar. Check out the Surviving Nemo in Style blog post to see how well the B30 Battery Charger held up in the snow storm! Needless to say, it was definitely tougher than me, I know I came home with more bumps and bruises than my phone charger did!

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Dual USB- ports allow for charging up to two devices at the same time

The Y+X Battery Charger‘s dual USB- ports allow you to charge two devices simultaneously, much unlike most other portable batteries that only let you charge one phone at a time. Just plug your smartphone, tablet, or any USB- friendly device into the charger, press the button on top, and that’s it! The 4 lights indicate how much power is left in the battery, and they hold about two full smartphone charges within them. The Y+X Battery Charger really came through for me last week when my phone died right when I left my house. I plugged my phone in and in about an hour and half it was fully charged up! The Y+X Battery Charger also holds its charge for 9 months just in case you need to stow that power away for a long hike or backpack trip across Europe!

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The B30 Portable battery Chargers can go anywhere! They are travel safe and can be used on any plane, bus, boat, rickshaw, zip-line, pack mule, gondola, or any other mode of transportation you need to get to your next adventure. Now only $39.95 at! SPECIAL PROMOTION: This weekend only get ALL Y+X Portable Battery Chargers at 15% off from April 4-8, 2013!! Get yours today!!

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  • Leah

    I just got mine and I cannot get my phone to charge. I press the button. There are 4led lit up. I plug in my device and I get nothing indicating it’s charging.