JanSport’s Spring ’13 Collection has Arrived!

The time has come for Jansport's latest spring collection!

Well it’s finally happening. Snow’s melting, birds are chirping and here at Urban Adventurer we’re gearing up for our favorite time of year: Spring. Once the sun shines through the winter clouds and temperatures get above 45 degrees, you can bet it’s time to get outside for some mountain biking, vegetable gardening, fresh river fishing, hiking, camping, ultimate frisbee-ing, or BBQ-ing! We’re psyched for Spring if you couldn’t already tell, and you’ll be too once you check out the new Spring styles that just came in from JanSport!

jansport big student backpack spring 13

Jansport Big Student Classic Daypack - $44.95

JanSport Big Student Backpack - $44.95

There’s no doubt that with the JanSport Big Student Classic Daypack, you’ll be too cool for school. This large capacity pack with two main compartments will easily hold all your spring essentials (shades, sandals, books, swim trunks, you name it!)  It also has a front pocket with an organizer to store gadgets, gizmos, music players, yo-yos, and any other small trinkets you take on your journey. Other features include an upper zippered accessory pocket, a lower front zippered stash pocket, and a web ergo handle with reinforced hold on the top of the pack. This bag is a classic for a reason.


  • Capacity: 2100 cubic inches/31 liters
  • Weight: 1 pound, 8 ounces
  • Dimensions: 17.25 x 13 x 10.125 inches
  • Fabric: 600D Poly or 11W Corduroy

Jansport Elefunk Messenger Bag - $54.99

JanSport Elefunk Messenger Bag - $54.95

There’s no better time than Spring to get a lil’ funky. Whether you’re biking to work or zip-lining through the trees, the JanSport Elefunk Messenger Bag is as durable as they come, not to mention it’s packed with features and side pockets to keep you organized on-the-fly.  Your laptop, file folders, power cords, battery pack, cell phone, MP3 player, pens, keys, glasses, water bottle, and everything else you need will be right where you need it! Nail your next presentation then hit your next jump with the stylish JanSport Elefunk Messenger Bag!


  • Capacity: 1750.2 cubic inches/28.68 litres
  • Weight: 1 pound, 8 ounces
  • Dimensions: 13 x 16 x 5.5 inches
  • Fabric: 600 Denier Polyester, 420 Denier Velocity Nylon
jansport backpack beige new spring 13 bag vintage

Jansport Flare Daypack - $59.95

JanSport Flare Daypack – $59.95

A collaboration of vintage design and modern bag technology, The Flare Daypack features an easy access front zippered table sleeve, a front utility pocket with an organizer and a versatile easy access padded sleeve that is designed to fit a 3L hydration system or 15″ laptop. This bag also has ergonomic S-curve shoulder straps, two large main compartments, a custom carabineer key clip, a side water bottle pocket, dual webbing gear loops, and a web haul handle, the perfect companion for your next outing in the woods!


  • Capacity: 1465cubic inches/26 liters
  • Weight: 1 pound, 11 ounces
  • Dimensions: 19 x 12 x 5 inches
  • Fabric: 305 Polyester Dobby
jansport boost backpack

Jansport Boost Backpack - $74.99

JanSport Boost Backpack - $74.99

Perfect for toting larger (17”) laptops with its two large main compartments, the JanSport Boost easily stores large items such as books, binders, six-packs, calculators, whatever you’ve got! It has a fully padded laptop sleeve and a front organizer compartment with utility pockets as well as a cord management pocket. Ergonomically designed, the JanSport Boost backpack has AirCore shoulder straps and a padded back panel to help prevent aches, pains, and strains. Perfect for school, work, or play!


  • Capacity: 2300 cubic inches/38 liters
  • Weight: 1 pound, 14 ounces
  • Dimensions: 21.3 x 15 x 11 inches
  • Fabric: 600 Denier Polyster, 300 Denier Polyster Hex Weave, Polyester Ballistic

Hope you like spring 'cause summer is coming in hot!

Let us know which JanSport bag is right for you and we’re sure to give you the best deal possible! Check us out on Facebook and urbanadventurer.com to stay up to date on all of our new products this season! Happy adventuring folks!

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Product Review: Y+X B30 Portable Battery Chargers

Since we first introduced the Y+X B30 Portable Battery Chargers here at Urban Adventurer, we’ve received a ton of questions from our loyal fans asking more about these batteries. In our last blog, we took the B30 Battery Charger on a test run at Sugarbush Mountain for a day of snowboarding to show what it can do, but today we’re going to get a little more technical. How many charges does it hold? How long can it last? How exactly does it work? Where can I use it? All these questions will be answered today as we explore the ins and outs of the Y+X B30 Portable Battery Charger to see what sets it apart from other smartphone batteries.

phone charger battery iPhone

Y+X B30 Portable battery Charger for Smartphone (Yellow/Orange)

The first thing I noticed was the slim, fashionable design of these batteries. I noticed there weren’t many variations in styles or colors out there apart from the boxy black batteries that only hold one charge. Once I stumbled upon the yellow/orange and green colors, I was already hooked on the B30 Battery Charger, not to mention the slim design lets it fit easily in my bag or pocket. What was even cooler was the LED Flashlight on the black and white B30L series, which would certainly come in handy for late night backpacking through the woods, or finding the fuse box during a power outage!

We test our B30 battery chargers by taking them snowboarding

After a major snowstorm hit us here in the northeast, I took the B30 battery Charger with me to Sugarbush Mountain for a fun day of shredding the gnar. Check out the Surviving Nemo in Style blog post to see how well the B30 Battery Charger held up in the snow storm! Needless to say, it was definitely tougher than me, I know I came home with more bumps and bruises than my phone charger did!

phone charger iphone apple smartpohne battery external

Dual USB- ports allow for charging up to two devices at the same time

The Y+X Battery Charger‘s dual USB- ports allow you to charge two devices simultaneously, much unlike most other portable batteries that only let you charge one phone at a time. Just plug your smartphone, tablet, or any USB- friendly device into the charger, press the button on top, and that’s it! The 4 lights indicate how much power is left in the battery, and they hold about two full smartphone charges within them. The Y+X Battery Charger really came through for me last week when my phone died right when I left my house. I plugged my phone in and in about an hour and half it was fully charged up! The Y+X Battery Charger also holds its charge for 9 months just in case you need to stow that power away for a long hike or backpack trip across Europe!

smartphone iphone battery charger portable

The B30 Portable battery Chargers can go anywhere! They are travel safe and can be used on any plane, bus, boat, rickshaw, zip-line, pack mule, gondola, or any other mode of transportation you need to get to your next adventure. Now only $39.95 at Urbanadventuer.com! SPECIAL PROMOTION: This weekend only get ALL Y+X Portable Battery Chargers at 15% off from April 4-8, 2013!! Get yours today!!

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Surviving Nemo in Style with the B30 Rechargeable Battery

As the northeast got pummeled over the weekend by Superstorm Nemo (What’s with all these superstorms anyway? What happened to a good ole fashioned blizzard?), millions of people got to cozy up by the fire, snuggle with a good book and wait patiently for the storm to pass. This may seem like rational behavior (and it most certainly is) for most people, but us Vermonters do things a little differently. So when old Nemo started making its way towards our neck of the woods, my Vermonters and I packed the car, snow-suited up and headed for the hills to do what we do best: shred the gnar.

Dead Ipods are no problem with the Y+X rechargeable battery- fully dead to fully charged in 45 minutes!! Can't stop, won't stop, can't stop the beat!

Alright, now for my second favorite part of the day: the drive to the mountain.  In this case, the journey is to Warren, Vermont: home of Sugarbush Resort. With blue skies ahead, fresh coffee, and a speedy iPod charge, thanks to Urban Adventurer’s new Y+X B30 rechargeable battery, it’s now the time to kill some time. After popping in my Allman Brothers Live at the Filmore East ’71, (yea that’s right, my car still rocks out to CDs) my buddies and I begin to discuss our plans for the day. Powder, freshies, fluffies, pow pow, gnar, danks, whatever you want to call it, it’s all about the snow, and we are ready to face it head on.

Alas, the heavens have opened. Let there be snow!!

Hallelujah! We’ve made it!! With my iPod as charged up as my adrenaline, there’s not a moment to spare. I pop on my camel pack and throw in some necessities: an extra neck warmer, hand & toe warmers, a couple tall-boy Heady Toppers (don’t tell ski patrol!) and the new Y+X B30 battery to charge up my tunes on the fly. One last bit of waiting in line until the chair hits the back of my knees and we have liftoff!!

Weaving, carving, sliding, and flying down the main trail, I’m in a trance. It’s hard to describe the feeling; no thoughts, no worries, and no plans to make, focused entirely on the board beneath me and control over my legs and body. Life in the moment can take you places you’ve never been before, and it sure isn’t easy coming back down to reality right after jumping off a 20 foot cliff into powder, falling on your face and laughing with all your friends who just fell in the same spot. Yea, I guess it doesn’t make too much sense throwing one’s body down a mountain at high speeds, but in my experience, I’ve found some of the best things in life don’t really make much sense at all.

The Y+X battery is definitely a bare necessity when touring the back country, forget about your worries and your strife!

Time flies by and before you know it the second to last run. (skiers/snowboarders never announce a last run, its bad luck) My Ipod finally died at the end of the trail, so I plugged it back into my B30 battery to give it one last charge as I headed up the ski lift. I hopped off the lift and checked the battery, and it was a little more than halfway charged!! In a span of 10 minutes, I couldn’t believe it! The Band’s “Don’t Do it” from the Last Waltz blares to my rescue and I slice down the snow like a hot knife through butter.

I made it to base camp, success! Now its time to kick off my boots, grab a pint, and spark a conversation with fellow adrenaline junky I’ve yet to meet. I find strangers always have the best stories to tell, maybe its ’cause I haven’t heard them before! Tell us about your Superstorm Nemo survival story, extra points if you survived with style!! I know with good tunes pumping all day thanks to my B30 Rechargeable Battery Pack I felt on top of the world!! Cheers!

Great day of riding: no injuries, no rain, lots of pow. Check.

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Holiday Home Stretch

Happy Holidays!!!

We know, we know, we promised you an update on the final holiday sales. Well, we have a couple:

  • Starting today (12/10) all orders will ship via two-day
  • 10% off all products and items. Use code: “LASTMINUTEGIFT”
  • Be sure to search our site thoroughly. We have individual product sales throughout our entire store!
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The Deal for the Holidays

Psst… Discount code at the bottom of the blog post.

Thanksgiving is officially over, which means that we turn our attention to the end of year Holidays. I know that most of you are likely out shopping, braving the cold days and onslaught of shoppers. (Dare I say, rude shoppers?) However, I have recently found myself doing all my Christmas shopping online. I started doing this well before my time at Urban Adventurer and I have only continued. While “retail therapy” can be nice in the slow season, tempting fate by venturing out into the wild, wild mall in the holiday rush is not my cup of tea.

We, at Urban Adventurer, much like you, think we have a higher form of life by embracing technology. We have found ourselves spending our time doing what we love, rather than dealing with the hassle of Holiday shopping. Dave, our sales and marketing associate, for example, likes to snowboard. (See below) I tend to spend my free time cooking a delicious meal, savoring a hot cup of coffee, or skiing just long enough to feel justified in spending an hour or two in the hot tub. Of course, you could always brave the rush of people, if that is something you really enjoy.

Dave picking his adventure

However, if like us, you want to enjoy life, rather than spending it bustling about finding the right gifts, we recommend taking a look around our store. We have some great stocking stuffers! Check out our own Urban Adventurer Para-cords or our partner, Stowe Street, which offers some amazing bracelets.

If you want something substantive, that can really hold its own, check out our Navali or Victorinox brand products. If I were receiving a Holiday gift, I know that I would want the Navali Stowaway Weekender or the Victorinox Mobilizer 27! Perhaps, if you are going away, it might be wise to purchase one for yourself. After-all, you deserve it!

Just for you, save 20% on all products! Now until December 9th. Use code “holidayshoppingspree”

Need more time to think about it? Don’t worry, we will be having deals for our last minute shoppers to! We will also be offering free 2-day shipping via FedEx for all purchases over $50, starting the 10th and running until the 19th.




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The Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals at Urban Adventurer

Don’t you love a good deal? The only thing better is knowing when a good deal is headed your way! Well, this is why we are posting the coming specials.

Black Friday:

  • 30% off all products, using code “bestblackfriday”
  • Spend over $100 and get a free Urban Adventurer para-cord

These specials end on Friday at midnight

Cyber Monday

  • Take $10 off any order of $50 or more, using code “justgiveme10″
  • or
  • Take 20% off any purchase using code “i’lltake20″
  • Wide variety of special individual product pricing throughout the day

These specials end at Midnight on Monday




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The time of year has come when the holidays hit and we can’t seem to find a moment to stop and relax. From Thanksgiving through the end of the holiday season, it almost seems non-stop. We hope you can find a moment to stop and relax; enjoy and give thanks; and appreciate everything you have in your life. Happy Thanksgiving.

Are you looking for the perfect bag to take with you on your holiday travel? We have you covered. If you come in and take a look, we have the perfect luggage for the week long trip or the best weekender bag for the quick, overnight stay.

Staff picks:

The “Property Of…” Tommy Trip Bag. This bag fits all the items you need to go away for a night or a weekend. It is built with exceptional quality and holds up to the toughest conditions. Yes, we are thinking about winter and all the hazards that it brings. Whether the trip forces you to take the subway, metro, taxi, airline, or simply the car, this bag will fit what you need and hold up to whatever you throw at it. (Jen’s personal favorite overnight bag – see managing director http://www.urbanadventurer.com/about/founders/)

The “Victorinox CH-97 2.0 20″ Wheeled Carry-on” is your ultimate road warrior. Built with the legendary Swiss Army Bag quality, this bag comes in a variety of sizes, depending upon what you need. Dave (our sales and marketing associate) personally likes the smaller size, if only because it fits all his standard travel gear and seamlessly blends the latest trend with unparalleled function.

The Burton Industrial Duffel is the ultimate do-anything duffel. Alex, our brand manager, loves this bag because it is made in the standard Burton high-quality fashion, with exceptional design and functionality. You will be amazed at all you can fit inside this bag and how well it protects your belongings.

From all of us at Urban Adventurer, please have a safe and fun-filled Thanksgiving.

(p.s. our best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals go to our Facebook fans and e-mail list – be sure to sign up!)




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Rainy Day Relaxation in the Hills of Vermont

I love the Fall. Sweatshirt-friendly weather, vibrant warm colors, preparation for winter, and, of course, those long hikes on crisp autumn days are just a few of the reasons why it’s one of my favorite seasons. In a place like Vermont, it’s easy to partake in almost any fall activity you can think of, from apple picking to sight seeing to football watching.

But what about when it rains? Overcast skies typically stifle my day’s activities and keep me glued to the couch. But when I woke up this morning to the sounds of rain puttering on my windowsill, I decided to combat my rainy day blues and head down to Stowe, VT, where a hearty Irish breakfast and a German beer drinking festival were calling my name.

Entrance to McCarthy's Diner in Stowe, VT

First stop: McCarthy’s Diner, a local favorite breakfast hotspot. I’ve only heard rumors about the heaven-like qualities of their famous homemade corned beef hash, so naturally my Irish roots drew me to this local haven. Sure enough, an order of Irish eggs benedict later, I was in heaven.

Eggs benedict with extra hollendaise sauce and homemade corned beef hash at McCarthy's Diner in Stowe, VT.

The eggs were sensational, the home fries hot & spicy, the corned beef hash savory, and the mountain fresh coffee never-ending. Before I knew it my plate was gone, and satisfaction ensued. Giving some much needed time for digestion, I curled into the corner of the shop with my coffee and a copy of the local newspaper The Stowe Reporter, slowly preparing myself for the big event of the weekend: Oktoberest.

German oompah bands, local craft beers, and traditional Bavarian sausages were only a small part of what made the 16th annual Stowe Oktoberfest so unique. Mountainous landscape posters and bails of hay lined the walls of the arena, transporting my friends and I into a foreign land.

The Master of Ceremonies and Oktoberfest patron get their groove on!

The smell of local beer and Bavarian bratwurst instantly rekindled my appetite, so we bought our tickets and went straight to the beer tent. After grabbing a couple Von Trapp Family lagers and a sauerkraut-loaded bratwurst, my friends and I sat down at a large group table and got to know some of our table-mates.

Fully-loaded Bavarian pork bratwurst were one of the many german-style foods available at Oktoberfest.

Hundreds of people from around the Northeast and Canada all came down to experience this one of a kind event, and all of them had some great stories to tell. We all cheered, laughed, and got to know each other as the day’s festivities unfolded. While I don’t know if I’ll ever see these great people again, I know we all shared the adventure of going out and experiencing something with each other. While the weather never cleared up, it didn’t matter to me. I was just glad that even in rainfall or sunshine, there’s always an adventure to be had.

Look! Even the Navali Rucksack made an appearance at the Stowe Oktoberfest!


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A Triage Approach to the End of Summer

I haven’t done the back-to-school thing in years, but I certainly recognize a nervous face when I see one. Most of our audience knows someone going through the situation; we all certainly remember the excitement and the nervousness of starting a new year. Of course, I am not here to talk about these emotions, but simply recognize another event that marks the end of summer. Speaking of events to mark the occasion, I have two; a baseball game and an end of summer beach trip.

Not quite ready for this, but we are getting close!

I haven’t written for the blog yet, so let me introduce myself. My name is Alex and I am the brand manager for Urban Adventurer. I live in Vermont, have worked all over the U.S., and call the globe my home. I, much like my adventuring colleagues, enjoy the city, the ocean, and the mountaintop. (even the prairies in between) I like to think that we all dream of our next adventure, that we truly believe that the next one will be epic, the memories lasting, and the events will transpire into stories that we can pass onto our grandchildren, whom we can only hope experience the same excitement that we have come to know and love. That is why Urban Adventurer was created, why we all stay focused on our work; to bring you products for the adventure in life that you seek; adventures of all types and all experiences.

That brings us here; sharing my love of baseball and a future opportunity to share my love of beaches.

A summer tradition; Fenway Park

When you think Baseball, most think of the major leagues, which is always a five senses experience. Many of us don’t live near a major league park, with the minor leagues or even the little league being our best baseball experience. You know, going to the field in your hometown with all the parents cheering for their kids; an iconic American image, for sure. However, once in a while you get a chance to experience a classic, truly historic building, such as Fenway Park. An American League legend, this is home for the Green Monster, Pesky Pole, “Sweet Caroline” in the 8th, and of course, the Boston Red Sox.

Iconic images and a passing of a season

You will find Fenway is always sold out, the Fenway Franks are always satisfying, and the baseball entertaining. Although this isn’t hockey and things don’t turn on a dime, the baseball experience cannot be matched; this coming from a huge college football fan.

Fenway was a congratulations event for a friend who just started college, but it always marks as a classic American night for me. This night was a 12 inning affair.

However, my summer doesn’t end here.

What is my next great adventure? Besides a few obligatory weddings, which can be an adventure in themselves, (see managing director biography – Jen gets married in about a month) nothing marks the end of summer better than a beach trip. While a baseball game can occur on the weekend, an end of summer beach trip, much like a fine wine, should be savored slowly.

Sunrise on the Island

My favorite beach, as you would expect, is down south. No, not the touristy beaches you may think of, but Topsail Island, off the coast of the southern end of North Carolina. Quick to get to, but far enough south that the weather and water are warm a little longer than it is in Vermont. I can’t explain why the waves crashing, the salty air, or the visceral nothingness of the ocean lures me in, but the beach is never far from my heart. I do know that at the end of September, this will be much-needed relief  before a hectic and stressful Holiday season.

A peaceful spot for dinner on the Intracoastal waterway

As your brand manager, it is a pleasure to meet you. Send me a note, let me know what you have as an end of summer or start of school adventure tradition? Although I won’t write to you much, I’ll try to keep you in the loop and make sure you get some personal time from me. In the meantime, I promise, our other bloggers won’t let you down. Until then, may the reality meet the dream.



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A Foray into the Vancouver Coffee Scene

Living in Vancouver the past two years, I think it’s safe to say I’ve tried many different things. However, it’s only been in the past few months that I’ve really been able to experience many of the city’s hidden wonders. Going to school full time and living on a large, bustling campus, it’s very easy to become involved in a repetitive routine, where even forms of relaxation can become banal. So while in the midst of studying this weekend for finals (in the summer? Yeah, I know..) I was able to venture into one of Vancouver’s hidden secrets–coffee shops!

It may seem like a normal thing at first, but what a lot of people don’t realize is how many places there actually are to drink coffee in Vancouver. These aren’t just coffee shops either, but rather places to come sit, drink, and for me, study. Once I jumped on the coffee shop bandwagon, there was no looking back, and now I can definitely say I know what separates the good from the bad, the serene from the chaotic, and the stale from the tasty!

So what makes the perfect coffee shop? This weekend I went and explored to find out!

The most important thing to me, is always the atmosphere. When I’m looking for the perfect place to study, or a place to do some light reading, the setting is key. No one likes a dark or cramped space, or irritating music in the background. So when I ventured into a local Blenz Coffee nearby my apartment this weekend, I knew I was there to stay!

Since it was a breezy out, I got a nice oolong tea, served with a pretty blue tea mug. It was great sitting next by the big window, with the sun shining through. The music was also playing at a very light mumble, and the aroma of fresh pastries and different drinks filled my senses. It was quite a pleasant experience!

The next day, I ventured into Yaletown, the up and coming trendy neighborhood of downtown Vancouver. This find has definitely got to be my favorite so far! It was not just a cafe, but also an art gallery. Named Buzz Cafe, the place was a cozy, two story shop, with a variety of couches, tables, and nooks to settle into. It seemed like a great place for all kinds of people–whether meeting with friends, studying, or just a spot to sit and admire art! For me, it was perfect–I was able to sit back, relax, and read about Picasso, Kandinsky, and Pollock while surrounded by local artist’s work. And sipping on an almond, vanilla, rooibos latte no less! mmm!

My Rooibos latte! Served with a nice piece of dark chocolate on the side.

Studying with art all around me!

While it was hard to live up to to that last experience, I still went out and tried a new place on Sunday. This time I tried Calhouns, a combined bakery cafe, in a big large room filled with wooden tables, dim lighting, and a creaky wood floor. It had a very home-like atmosphere, and while the coffee was only really sub-par, my splurge on an Oreo cheesecake was heaven! Not to mention this place is open 24/7, I’ll definitely be returning for some late night snacks.

The inside of Calhouns.

What I love most about all of these places is that none of them had the typical, standardized look of a Starbucks, or other kind of coffee chain. They all had their own unique personalities to them, and really created memorable experiences. It’s refreshing to be able to walk into a store, and actually want to stay and drink a latte, instead of just booking it out the door and into the world.

I think that you only really truly get to know a city once you’ve veered off the tourist path, and this weekend was definitely that! While Vancouver’s selection of coffee shops may not make the guide books, it’s definitely something that all the locals will tell you to check out.

What makes a coffee shop perfect for you? Are you like me, and focus all on the atmosphere, or is it purely about the drinks? I’d love to hear about your favorite experiences!

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