Born out of the challenging and gritty landscape of the New York City streets nearly three decades ago, Manhattan Portage was an original pioneer of the authentic messenger bags, which created a new, urban lifestyle and changed the face of fashion forever. More than a statement or passing trend, Manhattan Portage has become a necessary part of urban living.

With its iconic, red label of the Manhattan skyline emblazoned on every bag, backpack and briefcase, Manhattan Portage has become much more than a local legend. We embraced an emerging culture that was always on the move, on the go and on the run 24/7 and which symbolized the vitality and pulse of the new metropolitan life. The MP logo now flashes on avenues and boulevards around the world from New York to London, Toronto to Tokyo, San Francisco to Singapore and from Boston to Beijing which demonstrates the scope of MP’s national distribution, global outreach and world-wide success.

Manhattan Portage has preserved the core principles and egalitarian vision of "a bag for everyone" with the added value of "New York Tough" - a bag for all, in a style for everyone that's as smart as the city itself. They remain committed to the fundamental guidelines that they set years ago for great, innovative designs, use of the highest quality materials, superb construction and excellent craftsmanship which have always been the hallmarks of all MP’s products.

Every bag, backpack and briefcase and all Manhattan Portage products are constructed from the best materials, designed for the rigors of modern life and crafted with expert care. They've used the experience, skills, technical innovations and indeed, the success of the past three decades to expand and diversify their portfolio to meet the challenges and changes of the new century.

At Manhattan Portage, every product embodies the determined spirit and confident stand in the world of business and fashion. They are all built strong, they are built cool and classic, they are built versatile and practical, and they are built durable. They can take it because we build them to last. Manhattan Portage owns "New York Tough." It's become part of our history and it's in our DNA.

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