Urban Adventurer is named after the values we live and breathe.  

Much like you, we believe that a life should be full of adventure, both in one’s career and one’s personal life. Whether you find yourself traversing the concrete jungle or choose to explore the wilderness abroad, we, at Urban Adventurer, share your passion to live.

We know that the greatest moments are those lived in unison with one’s values, which is why we aim to sell products that fit those ideals.

We know that some days, when you are working in the city, you simply can’t make it home before the evening dinner. Sometimes, you simply can’t have a car to leave belongings in until you need them later. We get that; we’ve been there.

We sell products that fit the urban lifestyle because sometimes, the adventure is found next to the skyscrapers and riding the subway.

We know that the value of a hard day’s work is only matched by the value of an amazing adventure. We spend many days inside, dealing with the mundane and when the occasion arises for excitement, it is necessary to breathe in life and dive into a moment that extends our senses.

Whether this finds you on a body of water or sitting a top a mountain peak, we know what drives you, because we’ve been there.

Our product assortment is selected to be your go-to companion, whether you are fishing Marlin off the coast of Miami, sitting at the crest of the Grand Canyon, or giving a presentation to the members of the board.

We know that you work hard, play hard, and value both. We know that you need to bring things with you for all occasions and frequently, the bag that carries them must traverse all the same situations you find yourself in.

Here is to your next adventure. May it find you willing, excited, and prepared.